Who Can Beat The Sound Hashira To Death? -The Demon Slayer Upper Moon Six Gyutaro

Gyutaro is one of Demon Slayer’s main foes. He was a member in the Twelve Kizuki. He held the rank Six of Upper-Rank Six and shared it with his sister Daki.

Doma, then Upper-Rank Six, transformed Gyutaro’s sister Daki and himself into demons. He was a human who had worked as a debt collector at Yoshiwara’s Rashomon riverbank, the lowest level in the Entertainment District. It was at that time.

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Basic Info

  • Race: Demon
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 13(Human) 126(Demon)
  • Hair: Black&Light Green
  • Eye Colors: Red & Yellow


Gyutaro was a tall demon with a muscular build and a dark-colored, grayish-peachy skin. His anatomy was quite unusual, with his legs, arms, and upper torso all being extremely muscular. His waist was very thin and his pelvis protruded in an unusual way. He was slim with green-and orange eyes that had the characters for “Upper Rank”, and “Six”. His eyes were steeply downward-slanted at the sides. His unmanaged black hair abruptly turns brighter in the crown. The hair is messy-styled with uneven bangs. His face and body are marked with ink. Gyutaro is said have a very disagreeable appearance. We’ve thought about you, Kimetsu no Yaiba fans, and can now propose you to find a large selection of Demon Slayer Earrings to wear all of your favorite character designs and patterns, you always liked from the anime. There’s also a whole lot more of other jewelries!

Back story

Daki was named Ume by her human name. Ume and Gyutaro were siblings who lived in poverty prior to Gyutaro learning how to fight. Ume started to gain attention for her beauty. Gyutaro, Ume’s older sister, is very proud of this and has never felt guilty about riding to her aid. He felt sad when his daughter was burnt to death while he was away. Gyutaro may have found a way not to lose Ume, after they were turned into demons.

The lives of Gyutaro, Ume, and Daki became inextricably interconnected after they were both discovered by the former UpperRank Six and turned into demons. It is impossible for Daki to kill Gyutaro while he is still inside her body. Both can’t be killed when he is gone. Tengen Uzui was adamant that Gyutaro would take Daki and behead them, but Gyutaro refused to deny it. Daki seems to be the one who took the initiative, as he was closer to death than Gyutaro at the time they were made into demons.

Gyutaro is able to stay in Daki’s body, which seems to be more than just a way for them not to be separated. Gyutaro is a solely designed to protect his sister. So he was happy to just stay with her and wait until she needed him. Gyutaro takes care of Daki regardless of whether he has to leave her home to defend her. Gyutaro even gave Daki one eye to help him energize her and watch over them as they battled apart.


Gyutaro described himself as cruel, selfish, and jealous of anyone who had a better lifestyle than him. He was poor and lived in poverty for most of his life. In order to make fun of others, Gyutaro began to admire their best qualities and then attempt to revenge them. Gyutaro realized that taking away those who have lived a better lifestyle than he did as an individual is justified because of his human sufferings. He is prone to injure himself when he feels angry, upset, or jealous. As a result, he once became jealous of Tengen, and scratched his own flesh so vigorously that it caused him to break deep wounds.

Gyutaro, who fought many Demon Slayers over his nearly 100-year lifespan, has developed the tendency to underestimate his adversaries and view them as inferior. This is what he did with the Demon Slayers sent by his sister to kill him.

Despite his faults Gyutaro has a strong, passionate love of Daki, his younger sister. He was so deeply in love with his sister that despite being a demon, he never lost sight of his humanness. Because of his mother’s mental illness, he reared her.

Later, even in death Gyutaro displayed his concern for Daki by directing her in an opposite direction to the better light. He wanted Daki to be able to start over again without him being a negative influence.

Demon Blood Art

Flying Blood Sickles are a hail of blood-suckling blades. Tengen managed to flee through a hole in the floor that he dug. It was surprising for the malnourished demon, so his strike wasn’t effective. Gyutaro told Tengen to turn his attack, which showed that it was auto tracking. Tengen then threw another bomb and set off a few more near Gyutaro, deflecting the strike. Gyutaro survived while wearing his sister’s ribbon and boasting they were one. Rotating Circular Slashes. To attack them Flying Blood Sickles will release many blood slashes.

Tengen Uzui seizes Tanjiro to protect him against the assault.

Weapon used

Gyutaro has a pair flesh-and blood kama that he carries. They are his primary weapon of battle. They are extremely sharp and strong, capable of cutting through flesh and deflecting Nichirin Swords attacks. They are blood reddish in color and have a fleshy surface. Gyutaro temporarily shows the ability to telekinetically control his Kama. It returns to him like an explosion. Gyutaro got the idea to use a pair Kama in order to summon a demon out of a pair of Kama he used as a child.

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