5 Tips to Help You get more Social Media Video Views

Today, there are over 4 billion social media users. Hence, social media managers, artists, and content creators need to come up with distinctive strategies aimed at attracting a larger base of social media users. Further, since eyeballs on videos can translate into dollars, it follows that everyone aspires to a piece of the over 8 billion eyeballs using social media platforms. As such, all you need is a little strategy and planning to help you get more users to view your social media posts, especially those crucial videos. Below are some tips to help you get more social media video views.

Make an effort to find the right audience

In terms of locating the right viewer segment, there are various marketing parameters that you need to keep in mind, such as the age of your ideal viewers, the social platform that your target audience prefers hanging out on, their gender, and their profession. Likewise, the first step you need to take to get more video views, whether branded or non-branded, is to know your perfect audience.

Try to post at suitable times

You stand a better chance of getting the best results by posting videos on any social media platform, either on Tuesdays or Thursdays at around 9 am and 10 am respectively. On the contrary, the worst day to do the same is on Sunday. Each social media channel has its golden area. For example, the ideal times to get more Facebook video views are Tuesday to Friday between 3 am and noon respectively.

Ensure your content is of the highest quality

The quality of your videos is crucial to letting your target audience know that you reign supreme in that area. However, if you’re unsure about your quality, try using some of the available professional tools that most video content creators use to generate excellent videos optimized for various social media platforms. Also, consider using tools that can help you speed up the process of publishing your video content.

Use hashtags

Relevant hashtags can help add layer of searchability to your videos. Besides, hashtags can provide you with a way of grouping related posts, as well as getting your videos viewed by more users. Adding pertinent, and probably quirky, hashtags may help users interested in your videos find you.

Add captions

A significant number of viewers, for instance, scroll videos on mute, which is a major problem, especially if you’re a short video creator. Consequently, if your video content is not visually or topically pleasing, it is likely to get scrolled away within 3 seconds. Therefore, consider adding video captions because they’re a great way to help you get more views on your videos.


If you want to get more Facebook video views, you must embrace the above-listed best practices. In essence, the above tips are not only ideal for pulling in more views but can also help you engage in natural conversations with your viewers to establish a strong social following for your videos.

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