Bullying, Porn & Organ Trafficking – How Indian Parents Can Save Their Children?

Kids sexual victimization is a big problem. Indian children experience more bullying than others. Despite the rise in brutal crimes in India like nonconsensual porn making, organ trafficking, etc., the government and authorities are not stopping the violence.


  • 30% of sexual offences reported to the authorities involved kids and teens under 18 years. Average of 51 cases per day.

Kids sexual victimization is a big problem. There are many cases left under-reporting. However, it would be more severe.

Bullying – Is It a Serious Life Threat?

Kids experience more bullying in contrast with adults. The violence among kids and teens affect their mental and physical health. Kids who get bullied by others experience higher anxiety levels, insecurities, loneliness, depression and more like that. They get distracted from their studies.

Many kids, especially students, are bullied beyond sense every year in India. The consequences of these incidents are mental illness or death in the end mostly. Many countries have started a vast campaign against bullying, but India still suffers from this illicit crime.

The problem is especially worst in India, which has the highest rate of guardians and parents confirming the cases of cyberbullying.

A total of 37% of parents across India said their child is bullied physically or virtually.

Other instances of bullying:

  • A fourteen years aged boy attempted suicide by being bullied by his classmates.
  • An eleven year old girl has committed suicide for being bullied and forced to massage her seniors.
  • A university student was beaten up by his college mates, hospitalized, and found dead.

So, yes! Bullying is a serious life-threatening crime.

Porn – A Slow Poison:

The online space has the worst side that can scare parents. The new trend of having cell phones at a very young age has changed the activities of kids and teens. They use social media and other websites freely. Most kids misuse modern technology by watching illegal and inappropriate content online. However, they got addicted to the pornography.

India ranks 3rd in porn watching countries. 70% of male while 30% of females users from India watches pornography.

Threats of Pornography on kids and teens include:

  • Low self-esteem.
  • Inhibited sexual growth.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Data hacking through malwares & blackmailing.

Many websites use malware; the hackers use malware to trace all your data shortly and start blackmailing.

Organ Trafficking – An Unseen Yet Daunting Crime:

The practice of selling organs for transplant is known as organ trafficking. There are legal and illegal ways for it. In organ trafficking, an individual’s organ undergoes removal then it is sold to be transplanted. Involuntary removal of organs is unlawful organ trafficking.

GFI– (Global Financial Integrity)  suggests that 10 percent of organ transplants, counting lungs, heart and liver, are done through trafficked organs. Moreover, the most dominant involuntary trafficking occurs on kidneys.

The World Health Organization says that around one kidney gets transferred per hour, and 10.000 kidneys are traded on the black market across the globe.

Impacts and Effects of Sexual Victimization on Kids:

The effects of sexual victimization on kids are way long term. The reported number of kids who experienced sexual victimization is around 80,000. The Average Rate of sexual abuse is higher than the reports, as many reports undergo long processes.

Around 30% of kids undergo sexual victimization at home, schools, parks etc.

The effects of sexual victimization and abuse include: cognitive, psychological, behavioural, emotional and physical trauma.

Sexual Abuse & Its Effects:

Psychological effects of sexual victimization include the level of anxiety and depression. Usually, kids and teens are not mentally prepared to mingle with sexual stimulation.

Most of the sexual abusers have known by the victim, and telling anyone about the sexual abuse becomes terrifying as the child may fear the consequences: i.e.

  • Being judged
  • Being shamed
  • Lose of confidence and trust
  • Conditional relations with family

But the effects of sexual victimization can be strong, leading a kid to attempt suicide.

Others impacts of sexual victimizatoin includes;

  • Lack of interest
  • Sleep problems
  • Anxiety
  • Seductiveness
  • Communication error
  • Secretiveness
  • Aggressiveness
  • Abusing
  • Suicidal behaviour.

Kids who get bullied or the sexual victims have a high chance of becoming sexual abusers themselves.

The feeling of worthlessness, depression, lack of trust, and low self-esteem are the results of sexual victimization.  Alsothere is a high chance to conceive pregnancy during or after sexual abuse.

Indian Rate of Sexual Victimization:

Child sexual abuse has worse consequences on children. It causes poor physical and mental health. Extensive review and public speech on child safety that led to the passage of the Child Security (POCSO) Act from the Government of India in 2012. Rape, harassment, exploitation of pornogrpahy, organ tafficking are declared as crimes. But the taboo of child sexual abuse, bullying, porn is still unbothered in India.

Parents Anticipate and Reduce the Possibility of Sexual Abuse in India:

Firstly,Let your child know that if someone tries to touch your body and you feel frantic, say no to them.

Secondly, instruct your kids that respect for elders doesn’t mean blind obedience.

Thirdly, encourage professional prevention programs in school and public places.

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We have discussed the devastating effects of bullying, porn and organ trafficking on children in detail. Sexually victimized kids or teens need professional evaluations and treatment to guide them to overcome the matter.

Furthermore, Install the reliable cell phone spy app in your kids device that lets you monitor your kids and avoid all those illicit crimes damaging little minds’ mental and physical health.

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