Best Telegram Client Apps Available on Android

Let’s have a look at the popular Telegram messenger client applications available for installation on Android operating system.

Nowadays, we communicate with a huge number of people on a daily basis, stay in touch and share contacts with people to expand our social connections. More often than not, we do all of the above with the help of messengers and social media. And while social is still not the place for correspondence and personal communication, messengers are still at the top of the list for private communication.

Telegram client apps available on Android

One of the most popular messengers for keeping in touch is Telegram, but what if the features of the official app are no longer enough to cover all users’ needs? At that point, you should consider installing a new app, namely a Telegram messenger client app, which will help you expand the functionality and allow you to stay in touch with a set of new features. Today, we are going to have a look at the best Telegram client apps available for installation on the Android platform.

1. Nicegram

Nicegram app is written with open source code, so you can make sure it’s safe. Nicegram also supports all updates to the official Telegram app, and your account data is stored on Telegram’s servers. You can easily download Nicegram to enjoy the following features: instant message translation, add tabs and folders to organise your correspondence, view messages without marking them as read, forward messages without the author’s name, quick reply list to instantly reply to messages. Nicegram also unlocks all chats and channels.

2. Mobogram

This is one of the few apps that emphasises on privacy and security. It has features like advanced contact blocking, self-destructing messages and the ability to hide chats, creating secret chats using end-to-end encryption for added privacy. Although it is an unofficial client and the app may not have updates, its security settings are sometimes amazing.

3. Graph Messenger

Another application that specialises in preserving user privacy. With Graph Messenger, you can add the following features to your account: create 100 active accounts at the same time, upload files from multiple sources at the same time, show all media files from chats on one page, show chronological display of messages from channels to which the user is subscribed, edit images right in the chat, create auto-replies for certain contacts right in the chat. From the privacy settings, you can try the following: a signal that notifies you when a certain person appears online, voice change when sending voice messages, the ability to hide chats and channels, you can open these chats only after entering a password.

4. Unigram

This app, like the first one on our list, is open source, so the app is safe and updated with the official Telegram. Unigram strives for a minimalistic design, leaving the focus only on sending messages. This nuance will be very useful for those who use the messenger specifically for forwarding messages, not wanting to be distracted by other functions. Unigram supports several accounts, and each of them has its own themes and settings.

5. Plus Messenger

Plus Messenger is popular because of its flexible interface customisation. In this application, the user can change the entire external design: fonts and backgrounds, choose chat styles, change the application design colours. The general new features that the developers have added to the application are as follows: adapting the appearance of the messenger to the user for the greatest convenience, the ability to fix up to a hundred chats, setting up alerts for a particular user, the moment he appears in the network, you will receive a notification, the ability to translate messages from foreign languages directly in the chat.

To summarise, Telegram client apps are numerous, and their features also vary as apps usually emphasise on a spectrum of features. Client apps can replicate the design or extend the design features of the main app. Also pay attention to whether the app is an official client or not, as this determines the relevance of the app and its security. To find the perfect app for your Android device, consider the functionality you need and what you frequently spend your time on when using messenger. In any case, we advise you to try several apps and then choose the one that suits your needs.

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