How to Promote Your Church Event on Instagram?

Instagram has gained popularity among all age groups of people. With over 1,074.3 million active users a month, Instagram is on the verge of becoming the top social engagement website on the web after Facebook. 

While people commonly share content on social media, making sure it’s engaging as well is hard. If your posts on Instagram don’t get noticed, there’s little point in creating and sharing content. Through careful audience analysis, planning and experimenting, you have a chance of getting attention from your followers. 

We have listed the effective solutions to promote your Church event on Instagram. Read every step carefully and start applying to make your job easy.

Visual Content

Those times are gone when people used to read the text content. Today, visual content is leading the social media buzz. Graphical content, including amusing images and engaging videos, has overtaken text content.

You might have already heard of memes. It’s a constant phenomenon on social media. Thus, if you want to be successful on social media sites, go visual as much as possible. Limit the textual content because no one has time to read the lengthy post.

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Infusing your message in the already trending topics is an art. The hashtag has the power to bring your event to the top search and make it a subject of discussion. The strategy is helping companies to sell their product in the international market and get more customers on board. You should learn to use them for your benefit.

Create a unique hashtag representing your upcoming events. Offer the target users something valuable in return to make them shout out your event hashtag on Instagram.

Churches will have their members on social media sites. Request them to share the post on their own social media pages with the event hashtag. People who are connected to them get to know about the event. Users who receive the news from their online friends will also join in the cause and spread the word among their community. Slowly the single message will spread like fire and reach thousands of online users in a short period.

Partnering With Other Churches

Religion brings people together, particularly when it’s time to celebrate and enjoy religious festivals. Partnering with the other local churches in the city can help you expand your reach. Organize and celebrate an event, together with other churches in the vicinity to increase awareness amongst a larger audience.

You can promote these events on Instagram easily by using customizable Instagram templates that are available online through platforms like PosterMyWall. Make sure to include images or logos for each church that is a taking part.

Partnering with other churches will add significant value to your event promotions. The news will spread across the community as other churches market the event on their social media pages.

Create a Video

Create an inspiring short video showing how the church is contributing to the growth of a community. People appreciate work when they see how non-profit organizations contribute to people’s lives, offer education, and make them live happily. Portray the church as the trusted authority.

The message you provide through the video will make a big difference. Hence, put additional effort into drafting the inspiring statement that touches the soul.

Go Live on Instagram

In recent years, particularly with the situation of the past few years, live streaming on social media platforms has become increasingly popular, anda great way to engage with your audiences in real-time. To grow your church congregation you should try live streaming your church services and events on Instagram, or even Facebook.

Live broadcasts allow for the community to interact with you, as they would if the service was being held in-person. It’ll also help you reach a larger audience as followers share the stream with others.

You can always get special guests to partner-up for a special event or church service as well, helping you further boost views.

To plan a live streaming session, let people know in advance of the date and time, maybe even send out invites by email so that interested users can add reminders to their calendar. You may want to post short promo videos beforehand to build some anticipation, by giving people a glimpse of will be happening.

Behind The Scene Videos

Events are filled with many background activities. Those activities can become fruitful if you can make behind the scene videos. Present how members of the church, trustees, and youngsters contribute to making the event successful. Behind the scenes, videos are made to build hype around a variety of events. Producing such brilliant videos showcasing the hard work and creativity poured by the artist into the event will give your viewers reasons to participate in the event without fail. It will help you to drive more footfall to the Church event. Finally, your event will become successful.

Tips For Creating a Stimulating Post

  • Minimum content and more graphics.
  • Choose the theme for the events, so it will become easy for you to decide the content for the post.
  • Share scripture and quotes.
  • Ask people to sign-up for the event. Send the interested users to the church website.
  • Promote pictures of well-known personalities participating in the event.
  • Use images of the worship services with a positive message.
  • Ask a relevant question from the Bible and let people answer it. Q&A will help people engage in the discussion and participate in social activities.
  • Use your creative mind to make a graphic post that people will love to share on their social media pages.

Churches will have loyal members who are also on the Instagram pages. Make them active members of the Instagram page. You can provide permission to create the post, published on the official page in their name. When a large community promotes something, it spreads quickly in the target region. Get as many creative members as you can to reduce the efforts. It will also help you reduce the post creation cost after numerous users start contributing to the event promotion activities.

Moreover, you can take the help of the online Instagram post maker tools to save your time. PosterMyWall brings an incredible social experience to your control. Make customizable Instagram templates, social media graphics, posters, videos, flyers, and more using the online tool. Pre-design templates are easy to edit. You get the option to download the final images in high resolution.

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